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For over 2,000 years precious metals have been the historical choice for saving "Real Money" and accumulating "Real Tangible Wealth". In today's era storing wealth by way of precious metals is the safest and only way to protect your wealth in these interesting and uncertain economic conditions. Black Star Fund LLLP has a fully stocked bullion bank that is ready to provide the ultimate precious metals physical delivery service for you, so that you can start storing your wealth the right way. By starting your very own precious metals tangible asset savings account you'll be back in control of accumulating savings that will hold its value, unlike paper currency. Please view the inventory selections below and make your selections by clicking "Place Your Precious Metals Order for a Quote Click Here". The link is also found below the inventory list.  



10 in Stock / 1oz .999 Quality Generic Rounds



Total Available Bullion for Sale: 10ozs

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